Digital Enchanting


Cuddling Company Designs offers brewing skills in a form of art, that can be applied into wide variety of uses in web designs or printed publishes. We are able to work on both; vector or raster graphics.

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Handcrafted Art


 Occasionally we offer handcrafted & painted exclusive pieces of art from an order. 

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Stock Prints


Here you can check some of Cuddling Company's own artist stock photos and prints. 

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We are eager to explore possibilities

Cuddling Company is constantly on the move, all around around Europe. We do not have a permanent location; home or office that we can be reached, instead we have multiple anchor points (work places, hosts, relatives and friends) around Europe that can do our projects at certain times. 

Cuddling Company Designs -project is a part of this dream; to be able to travel, work, really experience the world and make new friends in our surroundings, without borders that tie us somewhere. In our past we have already done quite a lot of different things; From Independent construction, paint & metal works, to a bakery and cafe work. From performing music to a heavy farm work with various stock of animals to look after.. you name it! 

If you have something in your mind and would like to propose it with us, please do! We are always looking for new things and adventures to explore with like minded folk.

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Ask us anything, we will answer as soon as we can.